Cantonese Courses


Cantonese Courses

We offer Private, Semi-Private, Large and Small Group classes for Cantonese language studies.

In addition, we offer an array of both General Conversation Courses and Young Learner Cantonese Courses that cater to all levels of expertise, from elementary to advanced.

View our various course listings, find out more information about the different levels, and learn how to get started below …

General Conversation Course (All Ages & Levels)Sign up anytime, simply Contact Us today.

Make your life easier in Hong Kong by learning the local language and culture! This course focuses mainly on conversation and listening as well as reading and writing skills for common social situations. Use of pin yin (phonetics) and traditional Chinese characters will be used to teach the 9 tone system in the Cantonese language. Our instructors will also teach language, cultural etiquette and other social norms commonly used in Hong Kong. The course curriculum is based on unit topics that revolve around grammar usage that is demonstrated by our instructor and then practiced with supplementary materials created and developed by our instructors.

Young Learner Cantonese CourseSign up anytime, simply Contact Us today.

Our mission is to ensure all our children feel safe, happy, fulfilled and challenged in a caring, stimulating and supportive environment which aims to cater for each childs individual needs and develop a love for learning. All of our programs teach language learning through play and games; classes are taught in such a way that children see language learning as a fun extra-curricular activity, rather than something they have to do.

All of our classes are intended to help all levels of students to learn to speak Cantonese confidently. Overall components are designed for the following situations:

To help children from as young as 2 years old learn work towards fluency in Cantonese through progressing through all of our levels to master the language.

If you have made Hong Kong your long term home, we can help your children to become fluent in Cantonese, allowing them to interact in school, society and eventually in work situations!

To help high school students understand classes taught in Cantonese at their regular school and to provide tutoring to help them complete and understand Cantonese homework assignments